Coast Time

Glamour, excellence, sensuality

Perfect combination of scientific and Mediterranean natural ingredients, where perfume, care, style and brightness evoke Amalfi Coast.

Mediterranen Wind

A secret of the Amalfi Coast to create a casual, uncombed look, with windswept hair texture, soft to the touch. Instructions for use: Spray onto damp or dry hair from a distance of about 15 cm, then model with the fingers.

150 ml

Serum Siero Anti-Frizzy

Exhilarating elixir from the Amalfi Coast for instant shine, with anti-frizz & anti-humidity action. Non-oily formula. Instructions for use: Press the product once or twice after towel-drying your hair, or on dry hair. Then dry hair if applied on damp hair.

100 ml

Parfum Shine Hair

Essence from the Amalfi Coast for hair which glows with light and Mediterranean perfumes. Instructions for use: Spray onto dry hair from a distance of about 15 cm, to add that final touch.

150 ml

Curl Up Cream

Intoxicating alchemy from the Amalfi Coast to exalt the beauty of curly or wavy hair. Nourishes, models, moisturises, with anti-frizz & anti-humidity action. The Mediterranean secret of curls that are brilliant&soft to the touch. Instructions for use: Spread a small quantity of product onto the palms of your hands. Apply on damp hair before setting. Style recommendation: apply on dry hair to enliven curls and contrast frizz.

150 ml

Thermal Protection Milk Spray

Inebriating synergy from the Amalfi Coast to moisturise and protect hair from the heat of hairdryers, straightening plates or curling tongs, and sun. To contrast humidity and frizz. Ideal for all hair types.

200 ml

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