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Essential Beard line exploits the various essential oil properties in synergy with soothing and nourishing ingredients adapted for skin and beard.

Noble notes of cedar wood, pachuoli, mint and cloves.


An essential tool to look after your beard. The reinforced boar bristles untangle even the wildest and toughest long beards. The bristles help clean deep down and give an invigorating massage to your face. You should brush your beard twice a day (morning and evening) after using the Essential Beard Oil.

Wash the brush using warm water and mild soap and dry using a towel. Never dry with direct heat.

The Essential Beard antistatic brush is made exclusively with natural materials: precious wood handle 100% FSC certified, and pure reinforced boar bristles.


A delicate formula enriched with active ingredients with soothing, nourishing and purifying properties, for deep down cleansing for a fresh and healthy feeling.

Use: apply a small amount of product to your damp beard and massage to form a light foam and then rinse. We recommend using every 2 days.


Ideal for beards more than 3 cm long. It restructures any sort of beard, from the softest to the roughest, leaving it glossy and perfumed with no oiliness.

Formula based on argan oil combined with almond oil, grape seed oil, apricot stone oil.

Use: pour a few drops into the palm of your hand then rub it well into and along the length of your beard by passing your hands through it.

Daily use. Brush your beard after using the oil.


To model your moustache and control frizzy beards.Warm the product between your fingers and then shape your moustache and beard.


Intense notes of patchouli wood and cloves, combined with the properties of the special active ingredients, including extract of incense wood and Brazilian roots, make this balm a multipurpose solution for your skin and beard.

Soothing (reduces itchiness and irritation during the initial phase when your beard is growing), and moisturizing to soften your skin and beard.

The ideal replacement for classic aftershave beard balm.

Use: apply a small amount of product after shampooing to your damp beard to finish your shaving ritual. Alternatively it can be used any time during the day on a dry beard and moustache. Daily use.

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