Option SPA

Beauty starts from the head

New SPA treatment to detoxify and restore vitality, energy and silkness to hair, with an action which gives body and protects both scalp and hair.

Unique combination of White Clay from Brazil and Cocoa Seeds.


OPTION SPA gives protection and strength to the skin and the roots, thanks to its special restructuring properties, redensifying, tonic, protective and soothing. Way of apply apply to wet hair on roots and scalp massaging with circular movements till fully absorbed. Proceed to dry. We recommend the use of the Serum, as treatment, after every shampoo

50 ml


The OPTION HAIR SPA shampoo, used in combination with the mask, restores vitality to hair and scalp. How to use Apply on wet hair and massage delicately until a soft, enveloping foam develops. If necessary, repeat the operation. Recommended frequency of use: once a week.

250 ml


Relaxing, exfoliating and detoxifying treatment based on Cocoa Seeds and Brazilian Clays. It gives a silky, smooth and vital feel to the hair. How to use Apply on wet hair, lock by lock, spreading it over the entire scalp, accompanied with an enveloping massage. Leave on the hair for 3-5 minutes. Recommended frequency of use: once a week.

250 ml

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